Office of the State Attorney
10th Judicial Circuit
State Attorney Brian Haas
Serving Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties

Other Information
Unfortunately, there are no facilities to care for children at the courthouse. Since court proceedings may take some time, please try to find someone to care for your children while you attend court.
You may have received a subpoena from a Deputy Sheriff requiring you to be present at a certain time and place. If you do not appear, the Court could charge you with contempt of court, resulting in a fine and/or jail sentence. If you have a question regarding a subpoena, contact the State Attorney's Office as soon as possible with your concerns. When you appear at the direction of the subpoena, please make sure you take your subpoena with you. DO NOT DISREGARD A SUBPOENA.
Interference with a victim/witness by threats or acts of revenge is a serious crime in itself and a matter to which the local law enforcement agency, the State Attorney's Office, and the court will give particular attention and do their utmost to remedy. If you or your family is in any way threatened or harassed, immediately call local law enforcement and the State Attorney's Office and make a full report of the events.
Injunctions for Protection or Restraining Orders are issued as a result of domestic or repeat violence. Generally domestic violence is violence involving family members. Repeat violence means that the same person, not family, commits two incidents of violence within the past six months. These are applied for in civil court, but a violation may result in criminal prosecution. You can call the Clerk of the Court's Office to see if it is possible to pursue an injunction.
The Judge may order that the Defendant have No Contact with the victim. This means no contact either directly or indirectly, through a third party, by physical contact, by phone, letter, mail, or by driving by your home or place of employment.
If you were injured as a result of a crime, Victim Compensation may be able to help with medical bills, lost wages, or other expenses that were incurred because of the crime. Reimbursement for property loss is for elderly or disabled adults only. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis to determine eligibility. There is no guarantee that you will receive payment. Contact a Victim Advocate to discuss your particular case.
If you have suffered direct or indirect damages, the court may order restitution for certain losses. If you desire restitution, itemize and document you losses on the Victim Losses Checklist and provide it to the Assistant State Attorney as soon as possible. If you have questions about the form or what constitutes damages, call your Victim Advocate.

Your Assistant State Attorney will ask the Court to order restitution, if appropriate, but the Court must issue the order. Legally, the Defendant cannot be compelled to pay if he or she is financially unable. However, if he or she obtains employment while on probation, the Department of Corrections (DOC) has the authority to collect restitution. You have the right as a victim of a crime to contact the DOC to determine the employment status of the probationer. If the Court does order restitution, a Probation Officer will be assigned to the case.

The Probation Officer will set up a schedule for payments and upon receipt of payment will forward it to the Clerk of the Court. The Clerk will then distribute payments to victims within ninety (90) day of receipt. If you have questions about collection of restitution, call Probation and Parole Services at the number listed under IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS. Be sure to give the Defendant's name and case number.
This is a statement made either verbally or in writing to the Court before sentence is imposed. In the statement, the victim may describe the effect the crime has had on his or her family and the emotional and financial losses that he or she may have suffered. If you have questions or need assistance in preparing a Victim Impact Statement, a Victim Advocate will be available to assist you.